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Why Treat DUWL’s

What’s Lurking in Your Waterlines?


It’s all about biofilm.

The narrow width and extensive length of dental unit waterline tubing provides the ideal surface for the growth and survival of colonies of microorganisms.

In the early stages of contamination, the first microorganisms to colonize the surface of DUWL’s are able to adhere by using a weak bond that is relatively easy to break with conventional treatment. However, if these first layers of bacteria aren’t immediately removed, they begin to build a sticky matrix that creates visible biofilm, or “slime.”

This biofilm layer provides an ideal environment for new microorganisms passing through to anchor themselves to the waterline walls.

As biofilm continues to build up on the walls, it promotes water stagnation and further biofilm growth.

When untreated, or improperly maintained, the water flowing through these contaminated DUWL’s and out through the air/water syringe or high-speed handpieces can carry pieces of biofilm that have broken off the waterline wall — potentially harming your patients, your staff and your practice’s reputation.

With the DentaPure® Cartridge, Ensuring Dental Unit Waterline Safety Has Never Been Easier

The Crosstex DentaPure® cartridge for bottle and municipal dental unit waterlines, uses the same proven technology developed for NASA to ensure water consumed in space is safe from harmful levels of bacteria and many other harmful organisms.

The DentaPure Cartridge is EPA registered as a microbiological dental unit water purifier providing safe dental unit water for 365 days or 240L of water if usage records are kept, and ensuring that your practice meets or exceeds water quality having a maximum of 200 CFU/mL1.

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All claims based on use with potable water

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