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How does the DentaPure® Cartridge Work?

The Technology of the DentaPure® Cartridge

The DentaPure® cartridge contains non-allergenic iodinated resin beads.
As dental unit water passes through, the resin releases 2 – 6 ppm of atomic isotopes of elemental iodine (I2) during a typical dental treatment.
The (I2) isotopes interact with bacteria in the dental unit water controlling its growth for 365 days, or 240L of water if usage records are kept. The DentaPure Cartridge is EPA registered to ensure dental unit water quality having a maximum of 200 CFU/mL (Colony Forming Units).

What are colony forming units?

Colony-forming units are a measure of viable bacterial cells. A colony of bacteria refers to a mass of individual cells of the same organism, growing together. Colony forming units are used as a measure of the number of microorganisms present in or on the surface of a sample.

Iodine Facts

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All claims based on use with potable water

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